This is an infighting system with no wasted motions. Infighting means the closer the better. We like to be in the grabbing or clinching range, where we can hit with power within that short distance. We do not kick high. All kicks go no higher than the groin (yup, we’ll kick there) and are low and devastating or used for leg sweeps and takedowns. No doubt about it our preference is hitting and ending the fight quickly. A praying mantis doesn’t jump around, jab or fake. We are not built to go rounds or even one round. Most fights or self-defense situations will last seconds. We train and are built to win those first few seconds.

Kung fu is not form. But you do need a series of drills or exercises to help build the power and mobility of this Kung Fu. We call the first year of training: “Southern Praying Mantis Bodybuilding.” This is to help develop the body- and hand-shape of this Kung Fu. Once that is built, the power and mobility are trained separately.

As you advance, you combine the power and mobility, and can switch from strong to mobile quickly and flawlessly. Pretty much like Ali said, “float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.” It’s different than most systems: we don’t kick box, we don’t grapple. We do not pull our hand back to the waist. Our hands and elbows are kept in front of us, with the elbows inside the hands. The footwork is light but strong when needed.

What you will do at this school is train and learn a system of Kung Fu. We are not a gym to work on your cardio. One thing I tell my students is “don’t box a boxer and don’t wrestle a wrestler; we do our Kung Fu.” This system is sound and your success depends on your desire to learn and your determination to practice.

At this school you will learn the Southern Praying Mantis System, it’s two-man fighting applications, weapons, and chi kung. Our forms and drills are not like most systems. We focus on how you move your feet and hold the body to produce power. Our focus is not on fancy hand motions. Our fighting philosophy is: we don’t block and we don’t go backwards. We cover the body, move in, and attempt to hit as quickly and as powerfully as we can. Pretty much like a praying mantis: when a bug is in range the mantis snatches up the bug with quick, short, powerful strikes.

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