Training Curriculum

We structure our system into 3 levels:

Level 1: We call this Southern Praying Mantis Body Building. Exercises and drills to build the footwork, form and keep the body posture, and maintain the basic hand or elbow positions. The main form in this level is Som Bo Phon Non Choi, 3 step phoenix eye fist. This develops power and iron body.

Level 2: This develops the floating or the circular motion. We often refer to as “the tornado force”. You must develop relaxation but not softness, develop the body to a state of readiness to react and to learn how to use the circle and to borrow an opponent's force. The main form in this level is Som Bo Gin, 3 step arrow. Here you develop power and mobility together. Learning 6 methods of power and 8 methods of controlling.

Level 3: Here is where you try to put the 2 levels together. Plus develop 3 main punches of the system. In this level you put together the kung fu into one form for your personal training.

2 man training: at each level we have drills to train with a partner. This helps supplement the individual drills/exercises you train on your own. At each level you can train a contact drill both hard and soft, mor qui or controlling drill, and also drills that help develop the specific energy or motion of the solo form you were taught and train.

Give yourself about 1-3 to learn the system. Many more years to master the system. Depends on your determination and intelligence. Meaning how often do you practice and do you understand what you are doing. We do learn step by step. First you must have the basics, the fundamentals. I don’t care what martial art or sport you do, they ones that excel have great basics or a great foundation.